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We’ll go well beyond what you can see, smell, taste or touch. If it’s there - we’ll find it, REST assured. Mold and air testing, fires, floods, sewer back-ups, chemical spills, and other releases create hazardous damage that goes beyond what our senses can detect. Damage runs deep, and danger runs deep, so REST’s tests go deeper. After we perform remediation, we re-test to assure that you will be safe and healthy in a clean environment!

REST'S Tests -
REST tests for hundreds of chemicals and biological agents using a cadre of specific tools to get the
most comprehensive and accurate results for you. We can detect a harmful substance in the middle
of Lake Michigan, your place of work, and your living room!

Common Hazards We Test:
Sewage, Methamphetamine, PCB’s, Asbestos, Lead, Bacteria, E. Coli/Coliform, Airborne Chemicals,
Odors, Radon, Mold/Fungi, Allergens, Hydrocarbons, Cutting Fluids, Legionella, Bed Bugs,
Silica, Smoke Characterization and Tracing.

Common Hazards We Remediate:
Sewage, Methamphetamine, PCB’s, Asbestos, Lead, Bacteria, E. Coli/Coliform, Airborne Chemicals, Odors, Radon, Mold/Fungi, Allergens, Hydrocarbons, Cutting Fluids, Legionella, Asbestos, Silica, Smoke, and Flood Damage.

Indoor Environmental - Water, Mold, Sewage
Any indoor water damage requires testing before and/or after repairs, any construction or remodel, to insure a healthy indoor environment. We know this because water damage evaluation and clean up is one of our specialties.

Contractors Build - REST Tests & Remediates!
We use sophisticated equipment most contractors don’t own to check drying processes and cleaning
to ensure areas are not contaminated. Contractors and property owners often don’t recognize
when damage becomes a health risk. Many companies have limited testing and sampling abilities and others do sampling as a part of their overall service listing. REST is the BEST: Environmental sampling and remediation are our primary business!

PLAN: We can develop third-party written corrective actions for contactors to follow.
MONITOR: We meet onsite with contractors that will be remodeling, ensuring they understand the problems facing you.
VALIDATE: We provide final inspection, testing and comprehensive reporting back to you. We prove our remediation is 100% complete, the right way!

Other Specialties:
• Third party safety program evaluations and compliance
• Spill prevention countermeasure plans
• Asbestos and Mold abatement
• AHERA Asbestos Management Planner and Project Designer certified
• Certified NESHAP and AHERA Asbestos Inspectors
• Air, soil and water sampling
• Noise level surveys
• Mold Investigations and Corrective Action Plans
• Crawl space dig outs & clean ups
• Thermal imaging for energy loss, water damages, and roof leaks
• Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Studies and Phase 3 Clean-up
• Third party evaluations of services provided for water claims
• Environmental site - claim evaluation and mitigation oversight
• Soil and water contamination corrective action plans
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Our Background:
Rest Environmental was founded in 2010 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. We serve South East Michigan, and the surrounding areas. 

Our highly qualified and skilled project management team has an excellent resume. Their resume includes: 1993 Ferris State graduate in Industrial and Environmental Health, 1998 Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, University of Phoenix, corporate safety environmental director for large organizations like Focus:HOPE as well as working for different Fortune 500 companies including Dow Chemical and Eaton Corporation. The team resume also includes MIOSHA asbestos inspector, asbestos abatement contractor, management planner, project designer, contract/supervisor, Michigan Department of Public Health, Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor, water and fire damage specialists and a Hospital Facility Manager. We have managed two companies that have received MIOSHA safety awards for work place safety improvements.

What sets us apart from our competition: 
We have background in conducting structural dry outs; our reports are in-depth and comprehensive; our equipment is fully calibrated to national standards to ensure accuracy; we provide both viable and nonviable testing for mold; our mold specialists who conduct inspections, hold bachelors degrees in science; we have very competitive pricing; fast turnaround for samples, and hold NIOSH 7400 and 582 asbestos air testing certification.

We also provide training for OSHA compliance and safety programs. If your company needs assistance with guidelines to keep your business running safely then we can help. Here is how we help: providing written safety programs, instructor facilitated training, interactive computer safety training system, violation compliance, mock regulatory safety inspections, and in-house supervisor mentoring.

Give our office a call today to get more information regarding a Home Asbestos Inspection or any of our other services.

Buyers Beware!
The photos scrolling to the right are of an attic. The original homeowner (seller) hired a different company to remediate the mold for about $2000. The contracted company sprayed over the mold with a stain blocking paint, telling the homeowner that it would remove the mold successfully. They also didn't address any ventilation issues. Correcting the mold problem was part of the sale agreement. A couple of years later, the new owner (buyer) found the attic like this. The new homeowner is dealing with limited options, and potentially having to pay for a complete roof tear off, and up to $18,000 of uninsured repairs to the attic to restore it to the original condition. 

Cheaper is not better when you are dealing with the health of your home and potential legal issues. It is crucial to look into the education and training of the person you hire to work on your home!
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