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About REST Environmental

Restoration and Environmental Safety Technologies, LLC

Serving Michigan Since 2010


Your #1 source for Asbestos Inspections, Mold Testing, Chemical Testing & Removal

Rest Environmental was founded in 2010 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Our highly qualified and skilled project management team has an excellent resume. Their resume includes: 1993 Ferris State graduate in Industrial and Environmental Health, 1998 Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, University of Phoenix, corporate safety environmental director for large organizations like Focus HOPE, as well as working for Fortune 500 companies including Dow Chemical and Eaton Corporation.

The team resume also includes a MIOSHA Accredited Asbestos Inspector, asbestos abatement contractor, management planner, project designer, contract/supervisor, Michigan Department of Public Health, Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor, water and fire damage specialists and a Hospital Facility Manager. We have managed two companies that have received MIOSHA safety awards for workplace safety improvements.

We are a Licensed Residential Builder and properly Insured.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition

We have background in conducting structural dry outs; our reports are in-depth and comprehensive; our equipment is fully calibrated to national standards to ensure accuracy; we provide both viable and nonviable testing for mold; our mold specialists who conduct inspections, hold bachelor’s degrees in science; we have very competitive pricing; fast turnaround for samples, and hold NIOSH 7400 and 582 asbestos air testing certifications.

Basement Flooding Dry Out Company Michigan

Training: We also provide training for OSHA compliance and safety programs. If your company needs assistance with guidelines to keep your business running safely then we can help. Here is how we help: providing written safety programs, instructor facilitated training, interactive computer safety training system, violation compliance, mock regulatory safety inspections, and in-house supervisor mentoring. Give our office a call today to get more information regarding a Home Asbestos Inspection or any of our other services.

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Always Hire a Legitimate and Reputable Company

Many companies that perform asbestos work claim to be legitimate, however they do NOT purchase the proper insurance. They may have liability insurance, but NOT environmental liability insurance. This means; say you have a company come to your house to remove asbestos, and when they are done with the job, they leave and are driving on the freeway. Then a car crashes into their trailer/van and the bags of asbestos go flying all over the freeway; YOU, as the homeowner, are now responsible for a hazardous waste clean-up because said company wasn’t insured properly! If we were to guess, we’d say 85% of the companies out there do NOT purchase the additional mandatory insurance. However, we do! REST is fully and properly insured.

Popular Contracting & Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

When water damage occurs the first intent is to take steps to make the structure safe from all hazards.

Basement Waterproofing Preparation

After water damage, many contractors want to start waterproofing. They call REST to help.

Epoxy Floor Company Near Me in Michigan

Epoxy Flooring

REST offers many services, but a epoxy flooring service is one of our customer's favorites.