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Our Contracting Services

Restoration and Environmental Safety Technologies, LLC

Basement Waterproofing Prep, Epoxy, Floors, Insulation & More!

Our Restoration & Contracting Services

Our services include Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation, Bat Guano Cleanup, Water Extraction and Drying, Interior Demolitions, Insulation Removal, Blown Cellulose, Floor Resurfacing/Grinding, Epoxy Floors & More.

Epoxy Floors

Metal Metallic, Full Chip Rejection, Solid Colors, Quartz

Other Services

Interior Demolitions, Crawl Space Clean Outs, Biological Clean Ups, Fuel Oil Tank Removal, Basement Waterproofing Preperation Services, & more!

Water Damage

When water damage occurs the first intent is to take steps to make the structure safe from all hazards.  This is where quick response is essential, but not all situations are simple and that is why parties involved should call REST.  Having a qualified drying company will prevent future indoor air quality problems, but drying companies are only contractors not environmental specialist and that is why it is important to have REST evaluate the water loss before, during and after the clean-up.

If Called Before A Loss:

Categorizing The Water Damage: The category of the water damage determines if there is the potential for illness.  The category also dictates the scope of the project.

Examination For Preexisting Microbial Problems
  • Sometimes there might be preexisting mold damage or bacterial growth in the damaged area.  Ignoring these conditions can cause it to spread.
Examination For Hazardous Materials
  • Often times water damage affects asbestos, lead based paints and poisons in a structure.
Water Damage & Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings require special attention because of the occupants and visitors.  Each person has their own biological makeup, therefore they may or may not be affected by the environment around them.  Drying projects are known to create airborne dusts and on those dusts microbial materials may attach themselves.

Environmental Protocol In “Open To Public Buildings” Before Work Starts: An environmental protocol or consultation is critical before work starts.  This sets the path for the project to eliminate cross contamination and additional claims.

Indoor Demolition Company MI

Interior Demolitions

The Best In Interior Demolition!

Are you searching for interior demolition services in Michigan? REST Environmental is the right option for you because we have crews that have the necessary expertise in demolition of interior areas.

Interior Demolition is an important step in the renovation of any building and house. It ensures the new construction goes as planned. REST Environmental is a trusted name in interior demos, and our crew members will go above and beyond to get you perfectly set for your new renovations.

Our staff will provide the demolition services and will leave the outer structure in solid shape for further renovations. We work for you to complete the task within the given period of time. During the task of demolition, our staff takes care of all the demolition standards. Getting your work done properly is our main goal so that you can have a new perfect renovation.

Attic Insulation Removal and Replacement

We can remove full batt insulation up to 48 inches of r38 and blown insulation. It’s the fastest and cleanest way to remove insulation. In fact, we own the largest insulation vacuum in Michigan.  It can be even be used to clear silos when the contents of the silo go bad.

Reasons for Insulation Removal
  • Fire damage, smoke, soot
  • Water damage from roof leaks, hail, wind driven water
  • Animal infestation-Racoons, squirrels, batts, mice
  • Old knob and tube insulation present is fire hazard. 
  • Exposed electrical junctions and boxes without covers under insulation
  • Insulation on can lights
  • Old insulation not performing that is degraded
  • Odor issues
  • Mold
  • Compromised building envelope air quality
  • Remodeling
Insulation Removal Company Oakland County Genesee MI

Basement Waterproofing Prep

After water damage, many contractors want to start waterproofing. However, they need a company like REST to get the area ready. Call today and learn more about basement waterproofing prep services.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

REST Environmental offers many services, but a epoxy flooring service is one of our customer's favorites. In many cases, after a water damage restoration is completed we install epoxy floors as a finishing touch.

Residential Crawl Space Clean-Outs

Homeowners are unaware of the problems that can occur in hard-to-reach crawl spaces that can lead to severe damage and hazardous health conditions if left untreated. REST can help!

Insulation Services - Remove & Install

We have state of the art equipment that can remove insulation in a matter of a couple of hours without creating any dust, or particulates in your home or business. We are the local experts!