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Our Testing Services

Restoration and Environmental Safety Technologies, LLC

Your #1 source for Asbestos Inspections, Mold Testing, Chemical Testing & Removal

Asbestos Testing & Abatement + Mold Testing & Remediation

Our services include asbestos testing and removal, mold testing and removal, bacteria testing and project design, chemical testing of air – water – soil, OSHA compliance, home inspections, restoration services for mold and water damage, flood clean up, attic inspections, insulation removal and insulation replacement and industrial hygiene.

Asbestos Testing

  • Vermiculite, Floor Tile, Plaster, Floor Sheathing, Siding, Pipe Wrap, and Duct Wrap

Mold Testing

  • Viable & Non-Viable

Other Tests

  • Bacteria & Chemicals

Common Hazards We Test:

Sewage, PCB’s, Asbestos, Bacteria, E. Coli/Coliform, Airborne Chemicals, Odors, Mold/Fungi, Allergens, Hydrocarbons, Cutting Fluids, Legionella, and Silica.

Common Hazards We Remediate:

Airborne Chemicals, Odors, Mold/Fungi, Allergens, Hydrocarbons, Cutting Fluids, Legionella, Asbestos, Silica, and Flood Damage, Sewage, PCB’s, Asbestos, and Bacteria, E. Coli/Coliform.

Mold Testing and Remediation

We visually evaluate structures for possible mold contamination and take samples; using this information, our specialists will develop a remediation plan. There are not any mold regulations in Michigan, only recognized international standards to follow. This means, an expert must hold higher credentials to abate a mold problem. We are highly qualified and perform mold abatement in any area of your home or business.

Mold Testing Company Oakland County Michigan
Asbestos Testing Company Oakland County Michigan

Asbestos Inspections

Commercial & Residential Asbestos Inspections, Testing, and Abatement

Due to federal law, building owners are required to conduct a thorough asbestos survey to protect employees that reside in the building. In nearly all cases, with ALL older buildings, including residential buildings, contractors are required to conduct a lead, asbestos, and cadmium survey before starting work.

Our State qualified people will inspect the property, if a PACM (possible asbestos containing material) is found, we will take the appropriate samples and send them to a certified laboratory for asbestos testing. With some types of materials, we can treat it as an ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) and instead of adding the extra costs for testing, we can just remove the material.

Silica Dust Testing

Inhalation of these dusts in the course of employment has long been associated with a specific type of lung disease, called silicosis. More recently, chronic exposures to respirable crystalline silica have been associated with lung cancer, as well as diseases of the kidney. For many years, air sampling for these dusts has been a key component in the control of exposure to silica for the prevention of disease.

Insulation Services

Removal & Installation
We have state of the art equipment that can remove insulation in a matter of a couple of hours without creating any dust, or particulates in your home or business. Our crews are highly trained to remove and install insulation properly. Without using the proper technique, problems can arise causing improper ventilation which will eventually cause mold to grow.

Home Inspections in Metro Detroit MI

Home Inspections

This includes Buyer / Lessee Inspections to evaluate a structure before a purchase goes through. Sometimes buyers require an inspection as a show of good faith for the sale. Pre-sale inspections are an excellent tool for homeowners to help them evaluate their structure for any air quality flaws.

Flood Clean-Up

When a home or business has been damaged by water, the repairs go beyond the visible damage. Allow our Environmental Hygienist to assess the damage, and our team will work to make sure your property is healthy and safe! Our specialized team has the very best qualifications, and the very best equipment in the industry.

Environmental Hygienist in Michigan

Industrial Hygiene

This includes testing air, noise, and sound. We test the air quality for any possible airborne chemicals, physical agents, and biological agents that can harm the residents. Furthermore, we can conduct noise level surveys for employees in manufacturing facilities.